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Friday, May 15, 2020

Apex™ Decking Measures Up to California Building Codes in Wildfire Resistance

In satisfying ignition resistant building standards, Fortress Building Products is now able to equip California building professionals with a built to last decking solution.

Fortress® Apex™ PVC decking was evaluated in accordance with the California Building Commission's fire safety codes and subsequently awarded the green light for use in the state's Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) areas. With this designation, Fortress® is now able to offer building professionals in WUI zones a decking solution that does not sacrifice aesthetics for fire safety.

The U.S. Forest Service defines WUI areas as at-risk communities where conditions are conducive to a large-scale wildfire event, therefore posing a significant threat to human life or property. To help safeguard these communities, the California Building Commission adopted the WUI codes in 2005 to establish ignition-resistant building standards and determine appropriate materials for new construction in WUI zones.

In accordance with the stringent codes, decking constructed within WUI landscapes must use ignition resistant, noncombustible materials that comply with performance requirements. Apex meets these WUI requirements because of its material make-up and crystalline structure, qualities that are unique to PVC decking, and affords more resistance to ignition.

"California building professionals understand better than most the extent of structural damage ensued by rampant wildfires," says AJ Jesioloswski, Sr. Product Manager for Fortress Building Products. "With Apex PVC decking, we're providing builders and homeowners with a responsible decking solution that's fire-resistant and beautiful. They can have the deck design they desire without compromising longevity in fire-prone areas."

Fortress Apex PVC decking utilizes a proprietary tri-extrusion process that delivers the beautiful look of tropical hardwoods. Made from a blend of lightweight bamboo and a cellular PVC core, the boards' cutting-edge design allows them to expand and contract about 25% less than another decking, providing a more consistent, uniform appearance. Resilient against the elements, each board is encapsulated in an acrylic polymer for ultimate protection, UV performance, and best-in-class slip resistance.

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