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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Upfront Style: Today’s Top 3 Front Yard Fence Looks.

Front yard fences have come a long way in recent years, and with today's innovative building materials they can operate as more than just security for your outdoor living space. With a unique style or decorative finish, front yard fences can do a lot for your home when it comes to adding privacy and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

But does a fence add value to a home?

According to a recent study published in The Wall Street Journal, “attractiveness of a home can boost its value by 7 percent.” Since front yard fences affect the way your home is seen and set an important first impression, they can help create a welcoming exterior and increase your property value in return.

So, how can you make your front yard more private in a way that pays off? Take a look at these top three fence looks that are sure to inspire and elevate your landscape design and overall curb appeal.

Highlight Your Landscape with Minimalist Fence

Minimalism is about prioritizing the core function of a product and avoiding excess ornamentation to achieve a pure form of elegance —it’s a design aesthetic that’s easy to get behind. Ever notice how front yard fences with clean lines seem to effortlessly highlight the landscape design? A simple, sleek aluminum fence can recede into foliage and create an approachable entry while keeping dogs and children from running out into the street. Today’s offerings provide strength, security and functionality without hindering your home’s minimalist aesthetic, which can do wonders for your property value.

Merge the Warmth of Wood with a Modern Twist to Boost Privacy

The composite front yard fence trend is not new, but its continued popularity can be attributed to the privacy it provides and the power it gives to depart from traditional norms with its modern beauty. What’s more, composite fencing offers the warmth of wood without the propensity to decompose from the effects of weathering. With this advantage, you will spend minimal time on upkeep. Here are a few of today’s top composite fence styles:

  1. Mixed-material

Create a personalized, upscale look that stands out with a mixed-material fence. Select fencing manufacturers pair the strength of fully welded steel with composite (or sometimes wood) pickets, making it easy to bring this trend to life.

  1. Horizontal

Horizontal fences are in high demand because they visually expand the size of your front yard and have a symmetrical form that balances out a home's architecture. Plus, any landscape design element that runs parallel with the horizontal fence lines will become a focal point within the space.

  1. Privacy

A composite front yard fence will provide near-total privacy – a welcome feature if you’re looking for separation from a busy street or simply want to create a more secluded outdoor living space. Just make sure you know your height restrictions and where the fence can bet set. For information on building codes in your area, visit the zoning requirements page on your city’s local government website.

Fuse Strength and Beauty with the Sophistication of Steel   

First brought to America from England during the colonial era, wrought iron fences guarded only the finest estates, offering passersby glances of gardens and neoclassical manors.

Today, picket and rail galvanized steel fencing options are a low-maintenance alternative. Unlike wrought iron, select manufacturers protect their offerings with an architectural-grade coating. With this level of protection, a steel front yard fence system can withstand the long-term effects of weathering and look great for years to come.  With the colonial look of steel, you can add a touch of elegant order to the variegated space of your front yard. What’s more, steel is often compatible with decorative elements such as finials, knuckles, ball caps and rings to complement a variety of home styles.

Ready to improve the look of your front yard?                                                                       

If you’re looking for more front yard inspiration, check out the Fortress® Fencing image gallery. With Fortress, we provide the Total Solution of products from fencing, decking, railing, framing, lighting, cladding and pergolas to revamp your outdoor living space.


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