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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Time It Right: How Long Does it Take to Build a Deck?

According to a recent study conducted by Home Innovation, outdoor living structures – including decks – are households’ top priority for repair and remodeling projects right now. If you are one of those homeowners interested in bringing a dreamy deck design from concept to reality, there might be one pressing question on the tip of your tongue – how long does it take to build a deck?

According to our decking experts, the answer to this question is more convoluted than one might realize. You will need to consider these four pertinent factors to garner a better sense of your project's timeline:

1. Before the build can begin, you may need to obtain the appropriate permits from your city or county's building department. Spring and summer are generally the busiest times of year for decking projects, so consider building during transitional months when there are fewer permit applications in the queue for local government officials' review and therefore, a better chance of securing necessary building permits on a quick turnaround. Don't forget-be sure to connect with your neighborhood HOA during the planning process, as they may have covenants in place that could impact the design of your deck.

2. Next, consider the type of materials you will need to tackle the project. It is possible that lumber has always been your go-to building material. However, wood will inevitably warp, crack and deteriorate over time. You can sidestep these frustrating issues by turning to higher quality wood-alternative products like steel deck framing, and composite and PVC deck boards.

3. Take a moment to determine if you will tackle the project on your own or would prefer to go with a professional deck builder. If the DIY approach is right for you, be sure to review installation guides and video tutorials to make sure you feel confident about each of the necessary steps of the process. If building a deck looms as more of a chore than a welcome challenge, we would recommend hiring a qualified deck building professional. Keep in mind, in-demand builders typically have more availability in their schedules once their summer projects are complete.

4. The scope of your project will also have a huge impact on your project's timeline. For example, building a deck structure from scratch is a much heartier endeavorthan say, simply replacing existing surface boards. You will also find that bringing a standard deck from start to finish is a quicker, more straightforward process versus commissioning a complex, custom deck design. After all, today's highly skilled outdoor living specialists can build bigger and better decks that feature unique layouts, wider staircases, and multiple levels.

Building a deck requires some serious preparation, and there are many pertinent factors to consider that will ultimately have an impact on your project’s timeline. That being said, Fortress Building Products has plenty of resources available to help you every step of the way – no matter the size or grandeur of your dreamy deck design. Start the planning process now with Fortress® and be one day closer to enjoying your finished deck.


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